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water pump blues

Subject: water pump blues
From: "Jim Muller" <>
Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 07:44:46 -0400
I wish you folks hadn't spent so much effort talking about water 
pumps lately.  My GT6 seems to have developed 2nd-year-med-student 
syndrome, which is to say, if you study a disease enough you start to 
notice the symptoms in yourself.  The engine got a little hot 
yesterday, and subsequent evaluation later when it cooled revealed a 
distinct insufficiency of coolant.  Further examination after a re-
filling showed the water pump dribbling once pressure had been 
restored.  (Engineering to Bridge, coolant leak on C deck!)  Oh well, 
at least they are available and not terribly expensive.  One can only 
hope that they actually work and don't leak.

No help requested here per se, unless there is something non-obvious 
I should know.  It seems readily accessible so it shouldn't be a 
complex task.  In the meantime, the GT6 is at rest and will remain 
there.  Bummer.

On an unrelated note, I installed a newly reworked driveshaft last 
week.  Yow, is was much smoother at speed.  Of course, now I can't 
drive it at all.  Again, I say, bummer.

Jim Muller
'80 Spitfire, '70 GT6+

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