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Re: Fasteners/Tools

Subject: Re: Fasteners/Tools
From: "john matthews" <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 19:50:13 -0700 FILETIME=[D61B9650:01C44139]
>Question to the list: in addition to standard tools, jacks, axles stands, 
>washer, compressor, MIG and tank welders,  in your experience, are there 
>other shop items/tools you found you found to be invaluable, useful, etc., 
>conversely, stuff that was supposed to be a "must have", but turned out to 
>more of a hinderance than a help?
>Cameron Joyce (newbie)

Hi Cameron,

It looks like you have a fairly complete list of tools. Having new hardware 
on hand is a great idea, I'm about to throw my old drawer (actually 3 now) 
of hardware away and buy all new A/N fasteners cause I'm so sick of 
searching around for the right size fastener....

One thing I would add to your tool kit is a digital camera so you can 
document the restoration.
That and a bunch of plastic baggies with notecards will make reassembly much 

I have two tools now that would have been great for my restoration, 1. 
industrial ultrasonic cleaner (just put the parts in come back a few hours 
later to a clean part) 2. glass bead blaster(it seems to be the only way to 
get those stuborn stains off aluminum.


John Matthews
'61 Herald
'63 TR 4

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