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Subject: Fasteners/Tools
From: Triumph TR2 <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 09:52:55 -0400
While chatting about TR3 restoration, I received some great 'getting started' 
advise from David Templeton - before taking anything apart, go out and buy some 
of every fastener you're likely going to need. 

I'm positive organized and labelled containers of the required nuts, bolts, 
etc. etc. should save countless hours of searching, and cut the number of 
fastener shopping errands errands to a minimum. (and I'd like to avoid my usual 
weekend home-improvement project experience of discovering, on a Sunday night, 
just after Home Depot closes, that I don't have that $0.29 part needed to 
finish the job and turn the water back on!)

David, or others on the list, do you have a list of which fasteners/quantities 
would be prudent to have on hand? 

I'm assuming Brofasco, Bolt and Nut Supply, Spanauer or most commercial 
fastener distributors would be the source? 

My objective is to get the '3A running this summer, and re-do / remove the body 
this winter and do a full resto. I'm currently using a commercial shop to do 
the major bits to get it going/certified/plated, but will do the resto myself 
once the workshop is ready (heat, insulation and a new floor are this summer's 

Question to the list: in addition to standard tools, jacks, axles stands, parts 
washer, compressor, MIG and tank welders,  in your experience, are there any 
other shop items/tools you found you found to be invaluable, useful, etc., or 
conversely, stuff that was supposed to be a "must have", but turned out to be 
more of a hinderance than a help?


Cameron Joyce (newbie)
'59 TR3A (that bolt should come off with just one more... oops!)
'54 TR2 (that rusty lump was a bolt? Where's my blob wrench?)

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