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Re: Stripped Sheetmetal Screws

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Subject: Re: Stripped Sheetmetal Screws
From: John Mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 18:38:07 -0400
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Thanks to everyone who replied about the stripped sheet metal screws.  I 
went to a local nut and bolt shop and picked up the threaded inserts.  
The guy at the store also made up a little tool (bolt with a sleeve and 
lock washer) to install them.  He also had stainless machine bolts which 
are pretty close to the original heads on the sheet metal screws.  So, 
Ive got my project for the evening.   Thanks again     John Mitchell   
76 TR6 BRG  (just about ready for the road:)

Philip E. Barnes wrote:

> At 8:13 AM -0400 5/28/04, John Mitchell wrote:
>> There must be some type of anchor available for a blind sheet metal 
>> hole.
> John,
> You were on the right track with the Pop-Rivet idea. There is a 
> product called Riv-Nut and various other names that is essentially a 
> blind rivet with threads. You use your rivet tool to install it and 
> end up with machine threads in sheet metal. I think they range in size 
> from 4-40 up to 3/8-16. Cooler than Hollywood.

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