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RE: Shoulder Belts -- TR3A

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Subject: RE: Shoulder Belts -- TR3A
From: "John A. Wise" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 10:06:04 -0700
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>I have lap and shoulder belts in my TR3A, and this July they were
>unfortunately put to the test.  As I was driving to work one morning,
>doing about 40 mph down a main city street, a pickup truck pulled out
>directly in front of me from a shopping center driveway....


Back when I had my first 60 TR3A during my undergraduate days 
(mid-sixties), a frat brother who also had a TR3A rear ended someone 
(sans seat belt) while he was only doing 25-30 MPH on a crowded city 
street.  He flew up out of the seat & chrome top of the wind screen 
right at the bridge of his nose.  It broke his nose in addition to 
the big gash the flange dug into his face.

I have a lap belt to keep my face away from the top of the 
windscreen, but now I am thinking about that fixed steering wheel 
with that big hard turn signal which right in the middle.

I assume from your description I assume you have a non inertial type?


John A. Wise, Ph.D., CPE
5483 W Potter Dr
Glendale, AZ 85308


1960 TR3A TS80422L

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