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Re: 75W90 Cost Comparisons

To: "triumph list" <>
Subject: Re: 75W90 Cost Comparisons
From: "Kurtis" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 18:21:22 -0600
> Personally, I'd stay away
> from the semi-synthetic stuff, as it's rated GL-5 and may have more of the
> additive that eats copper alloys.

Where do you guys find the non-GL-5 or GL-4 stuff?  Non of the places around 
here (AutoZone, O'Riley's, Napa) carry anything but the GL-5 and synthetic 
gear oil.

Kurtis Jones
Russellville, Arkansas
1963 TR4 - CT19389L
1959 AH Bugeye - AN5L23250 

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