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RE: TR6 Windshield Glass Installation

To: "'Robert Knapp'" <>, <>
Subject: RE: TR6 Windshield Glass Installation
From: "Steve" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 12:05:54 -0800
I still live with the trauma of putting mine in. On the first attempt, I
destroyed the seal and had to order another one for the next try.

You are probably aware of the cord that you place in there. In addition
to that I made sure it was a warm enough day with lots of sunshine
warming the seal. I used masking tape on some of the transition areas on
the frame where the cord wanted to catch to eliminate and rough areas.
Also I used vegetable oil as a lubricant, just coated the seal with it
using a paper towel. 

Good luck,
'74 TR6

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