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Re: TR6 Movie Sighting

Subject: Re: TR6 Movie Sighting
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 13:46:02 EDT

On a similar thread but not a TR6......last week we watched Earth versus the 
Flying Saucers on Turner Movie Classics (TMC)......the hero scientist escaped 
from being held as a crackpot by the Air Force and ran to his parking garage 
to drive his 1950 something Mercury off to the beach to meet the alien 
commander of one of the flying saucers.  While he was running through the 
garage (full of what today would be hundreds of thousands of dollars of antique 
American iron), he passed a beautiful Austin Healey 100 (4 or 6?)

Chip Krout
Delaware Valley Triumphs, Ltd.
Skippack, PA  USA

'76 TR6 CF57822U

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