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RE: TR6 rear speaker size

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Subject: RE: TR6 rear speaker size
From: "Mark Hooper" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 12:23:55 -0400
Hi Dave:

I need to re-cover my seats this winter. I was thinking of putting speakers in 
the head rest to help out with the highway stereo muffling with the top down. 
One pointed left and another right, or a left in the left seat and a right in 
the right seat. What is in the Miata?


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Subject: Re: TR6 rear speaker size

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> I'd like to add a second set of speakers to my TR6 and
> am considering mounting them into the rear panel. 
> Does anyone have any advice on the proper size speaker
> and placement?

There is no "proper" speakers that go back there, the factory never put 
speakers back there (well, maybe in the R&D department).  But what fits?

> There's a small space down low in both corners of the
> panel that might work without the magnets rubbing up
> against the gas tank but I think that even a 5 1/4"
> size speaker may be too big.
> Anyone had success here? 
I installed some cheapie Radio Shack three way speakers that had either 5 or 
5 1/4 inch speakers and some small mids and piezo tweeters.  The latter two 
were shallow enough to not require space behind the panel but the woofers fit 
fine.  They work fine with the top up but get muffled quite a bit when the top 
is folded.

I've been scratching my head about fitting some larger speakers without 
giving up interior space but I haven't come up with a viable plan.  If you are 
willing to give up some depth of the rear shelf it is easy.  I've seen speakers 
mounted in the outer steel of the footwells but that space is subject to water 
infiltration from the front tires.

Dave Massey
57 TR3
71 TR6
80 TR8

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