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RE: TR6 rear speaker size

To: "Raymond Hatfield" <>, <>,
Subject: RE: TR6 rear speaker size
From: "Mark Hooper" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 15:07:20 -0400
Thanks for the insight Raymond. I want to keep my TR seats, but I have no 
problems with a Frankenstein solution. 

Here is a link for someone upgrading Miata seats to have speakers.

I checked on and they sell the clearwater headrest speakers 
separately. So I think that during the winter re-covering of my seats I will be 
trying this route.



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Subject: RE: TR6 rear speaker size

Hi Mark,

The Miata seat has two small speakers in each headrest, giving you true stereo
sound - Moss even as an upgrade speaker kit available.  The lack of space for
mounting speakers in the TR is why I've chosen to use the Miata seats in my

Raymond Hatfield

--- Mark Hooper <> wrote:

> Hi Dave:
> I need to re-cover my seats this winter. I was thinking of putting speakers
> in the head rest to help out with the highway stereo muffling with the top
> down. One pointed left and another right, or a left in the left seat and a
> right in the right seat. What is in the Miata?
> Mark

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