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Re: Smith-jaeger_speedo_repair

To: rgt2 <>
Subject: Re: Smith-jaeger_speedo_repair
From: Ted <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 13:28:12 -0400
Here it is:

When looking for Tony's pages, it's best to search Anthony Rhodes

On 8/29/05, rgt2 <> wrote:
> There was a link to a PDF file on repairing and calibrating the Smith-Jaeger
> speedometers and tachometers posted a couple of years ago.  I have two
> different links to the article be Tony Rhodes, but neither one is now valid.
> Does anyone have a current link to this article?  I have some speedometer
> issues and would like to check out the article before resorting to sending
> it out for repair.
> thanks
> Rod Trunnell
> TR3B TCF1037L
> Chico, CA

1966 TR4A CTC 73139 LO

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