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Re: TR3 redesign?

Subject: Re: TR3 redesign?
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 16:45:04 EDT
Hi Paul,
   It sounds like you are toying with some custom fabrication. I've seen 
flares, hood scoops, louvered panels, fender skirts on TR3/3A. But that's about 
in terms of fabrication. 
   The only major redesign of the TR3 that I've seen is the "Beta". There 
were two prototype "replacements" for the TR3A built by the factory. 
they are a wider track TR4-style frame, complete with rack & pinion. The 
fenders are 2 inches wider front and rear. Doors are slightly modified to blend 
and there are oversize aluminum guards on the leading side of the rear 
fenders. The front bumper is TR4, the rear are bumperettes similar to Spitfire. 
grill is out of one of the Triumph sedans, cut down to fit the wide mouth of 
the "Beta". 
   The TR4 design ended up being Triumph managements' choice for the new 
model, instead. So the "Beta" design was never implemented in production. 
are not "Beta"s. They reverted to theTR3A chassis, track and steering gear, but 
used the full-synchro gearbox, ala TR4.
   The "Beta" is an interesting looking car, very wide, low and purposeful 
looking. It's also a bit lighter than the TR4.  Fenders and doors are available 
from some British vendors, in aluminum (expensive) and fiberglass. The latter 
are particularly popular with vintage racers who want to put wider wheels and 
tires on their TR3s, and appreciate the light weight. It wouldn't be too huge 
a deal to add tapered strips of sheet steel to the inboard edge of original 
TR3A fenders to make your own. That's what the factory did.  
   There was a TR3 or 3A at the Palo Alto British Car Show (Where a 
Messerschmitt won one category, go figure,, but that's another subject!) a 
week ago, fitted with a metal tonneau and 
rear wheel skirts. IMHO, the skirts were pretty nice looking, and somewhat tie 
to your Jaguar ideas! There was also a "boat-tail" MGTC/D/F? (not sure what 
it started out as), with a wooden "hull"! 
   Of course, the Italia is basically a TR3 underneath. And, there were the 
long-wheelbase, fiberglass-bodied TR3s built to run at Lemans one or two years 
in the late '50s. And, the TRS was run at Lemans in 1960 and '61 I believe, 
essentially a TR3 chassis with the Sabrina engine.  (Note: TRS are sometimes 
called the TR4S, and it does look somewhat TR4-ish.)
   Hey, I like to get a little creative, too. So, I'm not at all offended by 
your ideas. But, personally, if I had a TR3B, TR3 or TR2 I'd want to stay as 
original as possible. These models are simply too scarce, along with the 
Italia, TR250/5, GT6 & TR8. Now, a TR3A is another matter and you might expect 
see a "Beta" project in my garage, if and when my TR4 project is back on the 
   Alan Myers
   San Jose, Calif.
   '62 TR4 CT17602L

I don't mean to offend anyone, but, has anyone done or seen anykind of
improvement/redesign to the body of a TR3?
I'm not one for authenticity and I'd like to do something 'kinda different'
to the back end of the body.  I love the way an old Jaguar 120 tapers off
completely (in the back).  Can I get a witness?

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