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[TR] Starter won't go

To: "" <>
Subject: [TR] Starter won't go
From: Cameron Rooke <>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:26:03 -0500 (EST)
  I seek the wisdom of the list. This morning I went out to the car to  head 
off to work. When I turned the key, the starter turned just for a  second then 
stopped. On the second try, I just heard a click sound  (sounded like it was 
coming from under the centre of the dash). I  thought my battery was dead, so I 
took the other car to work thinking I  could just boost it later.
  Well, it is later now and boosting it had no effect. I'll point out  that 
last weekend I installed a new starter solenoid. Everything worked  fine until 
this morning. Swapping the old one back didn't change  anything - same 
symptoms.   Sometimes when I turn the ignition ket  to 'accessory' or 'on', I 
get no power at all (I can tell cuz the radio  shows no power and none of the 
idiot lights come on). The reason I  though my battery was dead this morning 
because when I turned the  headlight switch on, nothing happened, so it was 
likely for the same  reason.
  So, what are the possible problems here? Bad solenoid? Solenoid not  grounded 
properly? Short circuit somewhere? Starter issue? What's the  best order of 
  To make matters worse, it is cold in Toronto and I parked the car on  the 
driveway last night instead of the garage. And with a steep  driveway, I can't 
push it in to work on it in relative comfort. Grr.
  Help, please.
  '71 GT6

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