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[TR] TR3 Headlamp Rim

To: "Triumph" <>
Subject: [TR] TR3 Headlamp Rim
From: "Don Sforza" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 18:54:16 -0400
I'm not totally tuned into the sidescreen cars and was wondering how many 
different headlamp rims were fitted to the TR3

Reason for my question: I have a 58 Alfa Spider Veloce which was delivered 
with... gasp... Lucas light buckets. Well, there's a lot of Lucas on the 
car... along with Bosch and Marelli. Those Eye-Ties couldn't get it 
straight. The rims are .... wait, drum roll... Carello's... with the rivet 
at the top and the screw at the bottom, mating perfectly with the Lucas 
buckets. AFAIK later Giuliettas were delivered with Carello buckets and a 
different rim.

The rims for my car are made of unobtanium and I have one very nice straight 
one and one that has seen better days, and was figuring thatthe Lucas TR3 
rim might work...


Don Sforza 

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