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[TR] 80 TR8 - Delco Alternator - engine wiring harness

Subject: [TR] 80 TR8 - Delco Alternator - engine wiring harness
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 10:02:12 EST
I'm replacing the engine wiring harness in my TR8 - I'm a little concerned  
about the way a Delco Alternator (conversion by previous owner) is wired. 
The small brown wire (or what would be the small brown wire if it hadn't  
been replaced) is connected to the output bolt terminal on the Delco and 
wire on the output bolt terminal goes to the "2" terminal on the Delco.
Its worked fine like this for years, but this small brown wire was  burned 
throughout most of the engine harness sometime in the past and was  replaced by 
a heavier gauge wire completely outside the engine harness (prior to  my 
custody of the car) - so was the small brown/yellow alternator wire. 
So my question is wouldn't things work just as well if I connect the  small 
brown wire to "2" on the Delco - without it also connected to the output  bolt 
Is there any risk to the small brown and brown/yellow wires in the engine  
harness if i reconnect everything like it was?
Jack Mc 

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