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If you are being anal, you are not alone.  I was just thinking about those
bolt head too as well as the heater tube that runs along side the engine and
the metal band, dust cover, around the back of the starter.  I left them
both natural, unfinished, I hope this is correct.

Bill B
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Subject: [TR] More TR3 things bugging me

Thanks List for clearing up those first few things on the beading and seat
belt hardware.  Now I am looking at the bolts that secure the front apron  
assembly.  They are left unpainted and do not have flat washers.   Think
Marty the 
blind judge will catch that?  Should they be body  color with flat washers?

I know here I go with the anal stuff.  I am  going to say they should be for
the complete body shell must have  been painted at the factory and then
lowered onto the complete rolling  chassis engine, radiator and all in
place. The two bolts that secure the  latch up front are the same way no
washers or paint, not sure about those.  Please correct me if I have this
You know now I can understand why many restorers typically leave all these
underhood bolts unpainted.  My man Mark lined up the painted  wings and then
went back and resprayed all the securing bolts and the  channel they sit in
afterwards. Trouble was he had not fitted the bonnet  yet. That required
some wing adjustment ruining the plate on all those  original Crane bolt
heads so the paint process had to be done all over  again.  What a pain. 

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