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Re: [TR] More TR3 things bugging me

To: Oliver <>
Subject: Re: [TR] More TR3 things bugging me
From: "Geo Hahn" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 10:25:38 -0700
I'm also not much on trophies (good thing as I seldom take them home)
but at our local event this past Spring there were trophies worth
winning.  Especially 3rd place:

First place trophies were 'Gold' MGTDs.  'Silver' and 'Bronze'
featured Triumphs.


On 7/27/08, Oliver <> wrote:
> i think we would all like to win a trophy or two.  but i overheard someone
> saying at a car show "I've got enough trophies."
> made me realize that its not that big a deal.  really, imho, its about an
> hour or so of basking in the glory and then its irrelevant...

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