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Re: [TR] door adjustment on TR4 & TR3

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Subject: Re: [TR] door adjustment on TR4 & TR3
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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 20:19:07 -0600
I am at the same place with my TR3, put new rubber under the doors and now I
can close the doors only with extreme force.  Please tell me that after the
3-month period all will be back to normal?

Bill Beecher
'58 TR-3A TS/30766 L (On the road in 2009!)
"A Triumph is man's best friend, it always comes when it is called...of
course, some times it is difficult to make it go"


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I can tell you that I spent at least 8 hours per door to get them to a point
they would just close. The issue I had was with the new rubber door seals -
they took some squishing down to get the door to close. After getting the
doors close, I lived with it for about 3 months, then readjusted. This time
(yes, another 8 hours per door!) I was able to get them closer. Never did
get the passenger door to where I wanted it.

The doors have limited adjustment and the bolts on the door adjust a
different direction than those on the pillar - but I'm sure you know that. I
did have to use shims that I made from thick (1/8") rubber.

My best advice: patience!



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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 18:49:05 -0700
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Subject: [TR] door adjustment on TR4
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Just about  pulling the last of the hair I have out.
I cannot get the passenger door adjusted where it will close easily (like
the drivers side).
I have tried setting the striker on the right to the same location as the
left side and it made no difference.  Don't think that there is a hinge
issue as the front of the door panel where is meets the body is all in a
The rear end of the passenger door where is meets the body is skewed with
the bottom being flush and the top sticking out about 3/4 to 1".
It just doesn't close solidly.
Is it possible that the striker is bad?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

retired, photographer, mule rider, Triumph TR4 driver, lover of life
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