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Re: [TR] TR4A diiff

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Subject: Re: [TR] TR4A diiff
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 08:40:06 -0700
> I would be grateful to receive any advice on a good way to immobilise the
> 3 shafts so that I can undo the 3 nuts torqued to 100 ft lbs on the end of
> each shaft.

What I did was buy a bar of flat steel at my local hardware store, about
3/16" by 1" by 36" (5mm by 25mm by 1m), and drill it for bolts to fit
through the holes on the flange.  In retrospect, I probably should have
gotten it slightly thicker, maybe 1/4", as mine wanted to bend sideways
while using it as a lever.  If you place the bolt holes carefully enough and
use the pair of holes that are closer together, there should be room for the
socket in the center.  But I didn't get mine positioned just right, and so
had to grind away a bit of the bar to clear the socket.

The pinion seal is tough to get out with the pinion in the way, but it can
be done.  Try not to gouge the casting, though.  If you do, it can be filled
with JB Weld or similar, then filed and sanded back to shape.

I used a 20 ton press to remove the side flanges from the stub axle, but
they came off reasonably easy, so a heavy puller might do.


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