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Subject: Re: [TR] decal
From: "TeriAnn J. Wakeman" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 06:40:10 -0700
jim tobler wrote:
> I know the horse has bolted, but next time try turps (turpentine).
> For some reason it softens most glues and doesn't harm most substrates.
> (Not original, was told about it by a cluey friend.)
Thanks Jim,  I'll try to keep that in mind.  The only decal left on my 
TR is the FOT decal on my windscreen but the Land Rover has the URL of 
my Land Rover web site and a very large decal from the truck's sponsor 
company.  Hopefully I will not get tagged with a decal. 

The hard top is new to me and I getting it to fit.  My mounts from the 
old rusty hard top are a little off for this top and I need to train the 
new waist gasket.  It took me a chunk of a day to get the mounts lined 
up and the top fitted with the new gasket in place.  When I think the 
waist gasket is formed I'll remove the top and get it refinished.  My 
old one was white on a signal red car.  I'm toying with the idea of 
making the new top signal red.  The new top is BRG. It makes my TR very 

Take care


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