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Subject: Re: [TR] Re Boot / Bonnet Hinges
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 08:39:25 -0500
Hey Steve,
They roll outward toward the fenders. That way when the boot is opened they 
don't bind.
Hope this helps. Working on the New 3 today, drove her for the first time 
last week, runs like a charm..I can't wait to be over 50% Triumph driving...
60 TR3A so close I can taste it
61 TR3A doing great
62 TR4 getting closer to starting the rebuild
73 Stag doing great
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Subject: [TR] Re Boot / Bonnet Hinges

> List:
> With regard to question about which hinge belongs where, I have a 
> question.
> It was stated by someone on the list "They are different, the drivers side 
> hinge angles (a very small
> amount) to the right, the passenger to the left."
> Does the reference to "angling to the right and left" refer to the fact 
> that if you sit them flat on a table, they are slightly rotated 
> longitudinally (lengthwise) if they were rolled slightly (one rolled 
> one way, and the other rolled the other way), or does it refer to some 
> other angle difference?  Since my car's body is in the shop, along with 
> the boot and bonnet lids, I can't try a check-fit to see if they are 
> angled in some other maybe pointing to the left or right, 
> but I can definitely see that the one rolls to the right and one to the 
> left.  Is that what I should be looking for?  Are they supposed to each 
> roll inboard toward the center of the car....or outboard toward the 
> fenders?  Or am I completely off-track?
> Thanks in advance,
> Steve Ball
> Lompoc Ca
> '60 TR3A TS68164L


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