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Subject: Re: [TR] Car club meetings
From: "Bob Danielson" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 08:50:42 -0500
I'll approach this from the other end i.e. Why I've never joined the local 
club............. I even had a few chat with the Membership Director and the 
Treasurer........two really nice people who acknowledge my concerns but 
change is slow in coming.

Like Letterman, here's my top 10 (-4) list: 1. a die hard cliquey core group 
of members 2. There's no attempt to actively recruit members at their annual 
show. What better time for active members to approach show attendees and do 
some recruiting but.....see reason #1  3.  we're a very small state yet 
meetings are help in the same place all the time rather then moving around 
the state to make it easier for people. 4. Driving events are few and far 
between.... I see only 2 on the 2009 calendar. 5. Every club should have an 
up to date dynamic web site and use email to communicate to members and 
potential members. The local one has gotten much better but it's still needs 
work e.g. the Hot News link is for an event from a month ago. 6. The 
calendar shows one Tech session in 2009......... They actually asked me to 
attend a session last year to show them my TBI conversion and only about 4 
people showed up and no one was really interested in the upgrade.

On the plus side, the club does have a good relationship with the MG Club 
and they do join projects/events.

So my advice would be to actively recruit people at shows, be open and 
friendly to newbie's regardless of car condition, communicate via web and 
email to members and non-members (show attendees), move meetings and driving 
events around so people can easily attend a couple of times a year, have a 
"tool" collection available to loan out along with expertise on how to use 


Bob Danielson
1975 TR6 CF38503U
Running w/ Throttle Body Injection,
Toyota 5 speed & Nissan LSD

From: "marty sukey" <>
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2009 9:43 PM
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Subject: [TR] Car club meetings

> Looking for some ideas. Our local British club has been in place for a 
> couple
> of decades. Same core people hang around. Some come, some go. Seems like 
> as
> time goes on more go than come though. Years ago our monthly meeting used 
> to
> be pretty good. Now they are pretty stagnant. Could be because we have 
> been
> following the same exact format for years. Maybe it time to try something
> different. You folks that attend local car club meetings, what do other 
> groups
> do that makes the meetings something that folks want to attend and 
> participate
> in?
> Thanks,
> Marty
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