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Re: [TR] O2 Sensor on TR6

Subject: Re: [TR] O2 Sensor on TR6
From: Paul Tegler <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2020 20:16:19 -0400
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BTDT, well  GT6 engine

FIS6 is a fuel injected 6 cyl, but the engine has been moved back 6" and 
down 2" so it fits under an unmodified (no bulge) Spitfire bonnet.
I have a 'Techedge' wideband meter and O2 sensor in the downpipe hooked 
up to the ECU that controls the custom port injection FI system.
Personally I've stayed with the Australian based O2 system , (Techedge  as it does not need periodic re-cal, but do have an 
Innovative gauge in the dash as it's the closest thing to looking like 
and old Smiths gauge.  The TE units give you multiple outputs, bot h 
wide and narrow to drive instrumentation and gauges.
A previous GT6 had one of these as well, strictly for tuning and a 
multitude of experiments leading up to FIS6 construction. The built in 
logging was the best part for those early tests. so not just in the 
garage but I could eval everything it did at all loads and rpm ranges.


On 7/17/2020 1:43 PM, Jim Henningsen wrote:
> Anyone have experience with adding O2 sensor on a TR6?  I am working on
> installing street comp upgraded motor and have exhaust header going into 2
> 1/4 straight pipe with cherry bomb near rear.  Will have Triple ZS carb
> setup.  While everything is apart seems like a good time to install and O2
> bung.  Just curious if folks who have done this found it helpful in tuning
> carbs.  Thanks
> Jim Henningsen
> Ocala, FL
> 61 TR3A
> 62 TR4
> 75 TR6
> 81 TR8
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Paul Tegler

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