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Re: [TR] Document archive (Re: Randall Young)

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Subject: Re: [TR] Document archive (Re: Randall Young)
From: Frank Fisher <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 15:27:14 +0000 (UTC)
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 yesthe older and now defunct=C2=A0 2 los angeles clubs and more recently t=
he combined single club TCSC.
    On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 08:02:46 AM PDT, dave <> w=
rote: =20
 Was Randall associated with a club?

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From: Triumphs <> On Behalf Of Lee Daniels
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2020 8:10 AM
Subject: [TR] Document archive (Re: Randall Young)

> Can someone please share the link to Randall's files.

Randall made these freely available, and had posted the link here before, I
think he'd want to make sure we maintain his collection. The shared folders
are here:

You may need to have a Google Drive set up to see them, I'm not sure.

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        <div dir=3D"ltr" data-setdir=3D"false">yes</div><div dir=3D"ltr" da=
ta-setdir=3D"false">the older and now defunct&nbsp; 2 los angeles clubs and=
 more recently the combined single club TCSC.</div><div dir=3D"ltr" data-se=
tdir=3D"false"><br></div><div dir=3D"ltr" data-setdir=3D"false">Frank</div>=
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                    On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 08:02:46 AM PDT, dave &lt;=; wrote:
                <div><div dir=3D"ltr">Was Randall associated with a club?<b=
r clear=3D"none"><br clear=3D"none">-----Original Message-----<br clear=3D"=
none">From: Triumphs &lt;<a shape=3D"rect" href=3D"mailto:triumphs-bounces@=" rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank">triumphs-bounces@autox.t=</a>&gt; On Behalf Of Lee Daniels<br clear=3D"none">Sent: Monday, Ju=
ly 27, 2020 8:10 AM<br clear=3D"none">To: <a shape=3D"rect" href=3D"mailto:=" rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank">triumphs@autox.=</a><br clear=3D"none">Subject: [TR] Document archive (Re: Randall =
Young)<br clear=3D"none"><br clear=3D"none">&gt; Can someone please share t=
he link to Randall's files.<br clear=3D"none"><br clear=3D"none">Randall ma=
de these freely available, and had posted the link here before, I<br clear=
=3D"none">think he'd want to make sure we maintain his collection. The shar=
ed folders<br clear=3D"none">are here:<br clear=3D"none"><br clear=3D"none"=
><a shape=3D"rect" href=3D"
4OffMDVmOTZlZWItYTcyMy00ZDhk" rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank">https://dr=</a><br c=
lear=3D"none">LTliOWEtOWU1OWRhNDZhYmRl?usp=3Dsharing<br clear=3D"none"><br =
clear=3D"none">You may need to have a Google Drive set up to see them, I'm =
not sure.<br clear=3D"none"><br clear=3D"none">Cheers,<br clear=3D"none"> L=
ee<br clear=3D"none">** <a shape=3D"rect" href=3D"mailto:triumphs@autox.tea=" rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank"></a> **<br=
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ptions/triumphs/" rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank">http:/=
/</a><div class=3D"=
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br clear=3D"none">** <a shape=3D"rect" href=3D"
et" rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank"></a> **<br cl=
ear=3D"none"><br clear=3D"none">Donate: <a shape=3D"rect" href=3D"http://ww=" rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank">
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et/archive</a><br clear=3D"none"><br clear=3D"none">Unsubscribe/Manage: <a =
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ilman/options/triumphs/</a><br clear=3D"none"></div></di=

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