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Re: Thunder Hill LeMans (CSRG) Pix Uploaded

Subject: Re: Thunder Hill LeMans (CSRG) Pix Uploaded
From: (jim hayes)
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 00:34:23 -0500
> I've still got to get a colour scanner, so I can do a bunch of my own!
> (Does anyone have opinions of the hand held color units?)
Forget the handhelds -they are too hard to use. Before I bought one, I did a 
lot of research and trials, bought a Canon IX-4015 for $700 and it's 
incredible! Not jus t scanning photos, but OCRing text. I did most of a book 
I edited by scanning the crappiest copies you ever saw and got almost 100% 
accuracy! For scanning, Canon gives you OFOTO, but I use HiJack Graphics 
TOuchup, which has color correction options.

Regards, Jim

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