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Subject: RE: Minilites
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Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 14:19:47 +1000
I think the Performance wheels you mentioned are made by Speedy Wheels Ltd
in Adelaide, South Australia

Greg Burrowes

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> Mark,
> I also have the Demon Tweeks catalog.  Minilites are shown in a variety of
> sizes, made by Minilite of England.  Another wheel shown in the
> catalog that
> appears to be a dead ringer for the Minilites on my 69 Trans Am
> Camaro is made
> by "Performance".  The center hub section, as well as the spokes look
> identical to late 60's early 70's but, the name Performance is
> cast into the
> hub section. Although my catalog is a few years old, both the Minilite and
> Performance brands appear remarkably inexpensive. I suppose,
> unless you have a
> contact in the UK, shipping costs might outway the seemingly low
> price of the
> wheels.
> Stan already gave you the phone number. The address is:
> Demon Tweeks
> Hugmore Lane, Lian-y-Pwll, Wrexham,
> Clwyd, UK  LL13 9YE
> If you want I could mail you a copy of the page from the catalog
> showing the
> wheels.
> Fred Greco

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