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Oil temp and sender location

Subject: Oil temp and sender location
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 19:20:03 EST
The day-after effects of VARA's Las Vegas event have me pondering a few 
points, one being oil temp.  I saw F 260 on the gauge with Redline synthetic 
which seemed quite high during the extremely hard fought race.  That was with 
the sensor in the line out of the sump before the filter and before the 
cooler.  Which got me thinking
    1.  IS this excessive?
    2.  What is the most effective monitor point, before or after the cooler?
    3.  What's a typical Delta-P for a cooler?
    4.  What's the general or recommended practice for monitoring oil temp?
Thanking you in advance for the thoughts, Steve
BTW, I was second in both races with NO chance of getting to the lead.

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