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Re: Something for the upcoming VTR.... (a bit long)

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Subject: Re: Something for the upcoming VTR.... (a bit long)
From: "Scott A. Roberts" <herald1200@home.com>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 00:01:10 -0400
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Perhaps John will address a curious point in that
> equation--that Standard-Triumph club members in the U.K. number far in
> excess of those in the U.S., despite the fact that almost 90% of the
> cars were delivered to the U.S.

Just my thoughts on the subject- Americans are typically users with a
"disposable" mentality. Use something when shiny, then replace it and throw
it away. The British, by my understanding, tend to have more respect for an
item and its usefulness, and tend to maintain their things a lot longer than
Americans. That could explain why there are more Triumphs in England than
the US despite the differences in deliveries.

Add to this the US Military's view- it must also perform multitudes of
functions- the "Swiss Army Knife" mentality. Not only should an item do
this, but also this and this! That's why it is amazing that they buy band
aids- they only do one thing! (They've just invented a tank which can fly,
operate amphibiously, and also read a map. The army wants 4,000. However the
marines have rejected it on the grounds its horn doesn't play the "Marine's
Hymn" However, the model has a useful life of about three years, and that is
about a year more than the Army is willing to pay for, so the whole project
stalled. So, the JCS bought the army something shiny to distract it, and is
now negotiating for something less useful, such as a spy satellite aimed for
the moon. Gotta watch those moon men.)

former Cavalry Scout
64 Herald/Sports 1200 Convertible(which doubles as a butterknife)

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