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Date: Thu, 21 May 2020 09:24:52 -0600
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On 5/21/20 8:42 AM, Nick Gaten via Wpta wrote:
> I have SUâ??s on my â??59 Morgan, never had a problem but am trying a 
> Weber 40 DCOE on a Midget I am restoring.
My usual quip regarding Webers is that their main advantage is they are 
infinitely adjustable.  Their main disadvantage is that they are 
infinitely adjustable.

Back when my computer sys admin career ended, 2005, I was making my beer 
money working for a friend of mine at his repair shop.  He actually did 
all sorts of cars, but his main love was British stuff.  His father had 
this pristine MG TC.  Anyway, he knew SUs pretty well, was a die hard MG 
guy.  Being a Triumph guy I knew Strombergs, and from autocrossing and 
performance improvements Webers pretty well.  Between the 2 of us we had 
like 4,732 years of experience with the things.  I don't recall we ever 
had a car come in with carb problems we couldn't fix.  Sometimes it took 
a while, often just to ascertain for certain that the carb was the 
problem, not the ignition.  That alone is a major part of the battle.

One of my favorite moments was this fellow had a really nice Jaguar E 
type coupe sporting 3 SUs.  He had some driveability issues, and I spent 
some time fussing with it.  He came in to pick up the car, but I wasn't 
quite done.  I was doing the final tweaking and balancing, he watched me 
for a while.  I did the final balancing as he watched, adjusting each 
carb by ear, just listening to the engine idle.  No hose in the carb 
throat for me. I tightened up the linkage, satisfied with my work.  I 
told him I better check to see how close they are.  I grabbed an airflow 
meter, one a little fancier than the usual flat plate with the vertical 
tube and the red plastic bobber.  This one had a numbered scale.  He 
watched as I put the tester to each carb, and each carb gave the exact 
same reading.  He was REALLY impressed!  I was just really glad I got 
that lucky!





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