January 12th, 2004 - Still WAY behind in keeping my pages up to date!

Team.Net Projects

I spend a fair amount of what used to be my free time taking care of many automotive related mailing lists, FTP site and this web server.

One of my big avocations is autocrossing, an automotive event where one drives a course set up in parking lots, preferable large ones, marked with orange cones. The cars drive through one at a time, against the clock, with the intention being to have the lowest time of cars in ones class. If you have MPEG viewing capability, click on the race car below to see more of what autocross is all about. It is about 1.5 megs, so may take some time.

Fun Stuff


Unix - the Hole Hawg

Blues Music

Fat Chance Garage Projects

Another big chunk of my time goes into aging British sports cars, specifically Triumphs of various descriptions, some of which I autocross.

Team Fat Performance Products for the small chassis Triumph.

Killer Spitfire

British Motor Club of Utah

Intermountain Vintage Racing

Utah Region SCCA


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