[TR2000] Test message only - apologies

Joe Santamaria jsantamaria at optusnet.com.au
Mon Mar 8 04:28:58 MST 2010

Hi there all, firstly thanks very much for all your responses. I contacted a
guy called mjb from the list admin as I have not had an email from the list
for months, at least, so thought something was wrong .......... anyway
decided to send a post and its seems OK from your responses. I guess maybe
there was just no mail. Although all the responses seemed to be from your
personal emails and not the list but maybe that's how you posted them.

Just a little about myself and my cars - I live in Sydney Australia
(North/Western Suburbs)..... 

1. 69 Mk1 PI Saloon Auto (Yellow)
2. 69 Mk1 PI Saloon Overdrive TR6 Cam (White)
3. 71 Mk2 PI Saloon Auto (White)
4. 77 2500S Overdrive (Red)
5. 76 Stag Auto (Maroon)

So I basically qualify as some sort of PI nut therefore - I love these

I follow the Stag digest and 6-pack digest(due to technical similarities)
but wanted to share more experiences with the saloon so was wondering where
all the discussions have gone. I'd love a TR6 if they weren't so damn

I have heard most of your names whilst I've been following the marquee and
the lists over the years - I had my first Triumph a 69PI Mk1 4 speed manual
when I was 18 and now 54 years old. Egil, I have read your expansive
writings on injection and enjoyed that immensely... hope I have the right
man here.

Anyway so that's a bit about me - it's a pity there is not much happening on
the Saloons on the list.

I guess, being late at night now I can't think of much to say but probably
post some stuff over the next few days.

I drive all my cars as much as possible - you could say they are all nearly
daily drivers if there was only enough days for that to be possible.

Anyway look forward to sharing some more posts - if there is another forum
that you guys are aware of please let me know.

Joe Santamaria 
email to : jsantamaria at optusnet.com.au
Mobile 0417-223-484 (+61 417-223-484) 

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Hi there,

This is a short message from the other site of the world, The Netherlands. I
own a 73 2500PI and a 76 2500TC. There is not much going in the 2000register
of autox.team.net.
I also own TR6c which as you know shares  a lot off hardware with the 2500.
The sixpack on autox on the other hand is very active.
In the past I already tried to boost the 2000register, but ...

If you have news or questions: share it.

Kind regards

Dinant Kroezen

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Onderwerp: [TR2000] Test message only - apologies

Test message - Hi all - I am having problems not receiving any email from
the list.

If anyone has the chance and this message gets through to the list could
someone please drop me an email at address below or just "reply".

Many thanks,

Joe Santamaria 
email to : jsantamaria at optusnet.com.au
Mobile 0417-223-484 (+61 417-223-484) 

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