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Hi Dinant , I am awake but I shouldn't be as it is 2:30am in Sydney,

I can echo what you said re reliability. I've never not been able to get
home after the very rare breakdown - its usually just tweak a wire - throw
some water on the injection pump, stic a pencil under the throttle lever
when the cable breaks or nearly use a tool of the side of the road like a
tree twig - try that in your Prius. 

I have modern cars as well and not only do they breakdown more but when they
have (which is 3 times since new 9 years ago) its been a tow truck
everytime. German engineering I think they call it- "engineered like no
other car", they say. That's probably just as well in some cases.

Anyway - I digress.

It's too late in the day (well morning) to think of nything intelligent to
ask - yes I have rust and a mig welder luckily and a can of fish oil and
that gets me by.

These days the engines are starting to get a bit tired - they have had no
major engine work so that will be coming up now after 30 to 40 years and I
don't look forward to the money or the weight of the work.

Anyway - good to hear from you. Hopefully others will chirp up again. 

Here's something to start a discussion - how about who has done EFI on the
PI or Supercharge.

Joe Santamaria 

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Hi there,


I'm happy to see some messages in the TR2000list.


And you, other listmembers, is there any news? Don't you have any problems?
Is there nothing you want to share with other listmembers?

Maybe are your Triumph saloons rusted away or otherwise fallen apart. Maybe
you nowadays rely on more modern hightec energyefficient superbe cars like
the Toyota Prius.

If that's the case you should not be on this list. 


On the other hand if you are a Triumph driver then you know a Triumph has
always a problem, but you can always drive (and stop). There is not much
that cant be solved with simple tools.  





73 2500MK2 PI

76 2500MK2 TC

69 TR6 PI

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