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Thu Mar 11 10:20:13 MST 2010

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From: Dinant Kroezen <o.kroezen at chello.nl>

...And you, other listmembers, is there any news? Don't you have any
Is there nothing you want to share with other listmembers?

Maybe are your Triumph saloons rusted away or otherwise fallen apart. Maybe
you nowadays rely on more modern hightec energyefficient superbe cars like
the Toyota Prius.

If that's the case you should not be on this list.

My only related "news" is that I sold my '66 2000 several years ago, after an
"offer I couldn't refuse" (and the fact that I knew
I was never going to have time to get it goint)! So I now rely on my
energy-efficient LOW-TECH '62 Herald 1200!

--Andy Mace

*Mrs Irrelevant: Oh, is it a jet?
*Man: Well, no ... It's not so much of a jet, it's more your, er, Triumph
Herald engine with wings.
-- Cut-price Airlines Sketch, Monty Python's Flying Circus (22)

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