[Autojumble] Closed shop, British car and parts PA - on view Sat 03/15/08

Pete Groh pete_groh at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 13:25:01 MST 2008

I have exchange e-mail with Chris who has posted information on a
closed British car shop. I also talk to Howard by phone who is from the
UK by phone today. He adivse me that there are some Jaguar parts in the
lot, has a Jag XKE himself. He state some Jag XJ6 parts.  
He did tell me that other Foreign parts are in the lot. I am also
sending Chis a copy of this e-mail. Plan to pass on the information to
other British car list on the open house. I plan on going to the shop
on Saturday if weather is clear. Will take some more pictures and put
in a slide show.
Best regards
Pete Groh, (KeyGuy) Ellicott City, MD USA 

Antique British Cars,Parts, Cars, Memorabilia Hot Air Balloons For 
> > Sale March 15th, 2008
> > 10 AM to 3 PM
> > Ragge & Willow
> > First and Lincoln Street P.O. Box 370Bovard, Pennsylvania 15619 

 > We would
> like to invite you to an open house to view a liquidation of>
> British cars, a parts department full of items for antique>
> automotive memorabilia, hot air balloons, and other antiques. >
> John Addison had the Pit Stop foreign car repair service for
> 30> years in Greensburg , PA 15601 John also maintained Ragge
> Willow> , a hot air balloon> business, doing both private
 flights and
> corporate advertising. > In the last 10 years he moved the
> to Bovard , PA , just> outside Greensburg . > John passed
 away in
> late 2007, and his estate is being evaluated for> future sale
> large lots. > We would like to generate some interest in the
 cars and
> parts, and that> is the purpose for this email. > We would
 like to
> have an open house in March 2008, at which time you> can view
 all of
> the contents of the warehouse and take photographs. We> will
> begin accepting bids for the items. > If you would like to be 
> included, you can call or email for the time> and date of the
> house.> Thank you for your attention.> Chris Giron

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