[Autojumble] Wire wheels for sale - 48 spoke, 15x4.5", with adaptors, western WA

nwolf at u.washington.edu nwolf at u.washington.edu
Thu Mar 20 09:31:54 MST 2008

   I have a set of five 15"x4.5" 48-spoke wire wheels from my Triumph TR4, which I've converted to vintage alloy wheels. The wheels come with adaptors, knock-offs, lug nuts, inner tubes, and spacers for converting back and forth between wires and regular wheels. The splines are a little worn on a couple of the wheels and adaptors, and one wheel has very loose spokes. No spokes are broken, but several are bent. This set was working fine on the car except for the really loose one which made a "grunk grunk grunk" sound. The wheels were all repainted about five years ago, but they probably need some work now. The spare has a very old tire on it with some cracking in the rubber. The knock-offs are functional but not pretty. $100 obo. I won't ship, but I could deliver between Port Angeles and Port Townsend, WA or maybe a bit further for a fee.
-Nick Wolf
nwolf at u.washington.edu

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