[Autojumble] Message rec'd STAN Carlisla Import show, my thoughts Used ignition switch

Pete Groh petegroh at yahoo.com
Mon May 23 10:00:13 MDT 2011

Stan, I did see your posting.

I was not set up as a vendor in PA this past

I did attend thurday
thru Saturday. On my shopping list was any early British ignition switch with
letters/number on the face of the insert. I also need a trunk handle that will
take a FA key, number stamped on the steel shaft will be in the number range

There were vendors with switch with the key code number on the face
of the insert, some with keys, some without. I had a list of all of my pre-cut
FA, FP, FS series lock insert in my possession. When I seen a vendor I knew
who had a switch without a key, suggest that I pull the lock insert out of his
switch, insert a duplicate lock insert with a key code and a wilmot breeden
key for his re-sale. In two cases, could not remove the lock insert out of the
switch since the wafer/pins had corrosion. I could not position the lock
insert to depress the pin to removed it.

It appears that vendors could sell a
used switch with the lock insert removed. The buyer may want a spare for his
car, and can replace his present lock insert into the used switch.

Pete Groh
Ellicott City, Md. 21042-3647 U.S.A. 

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> I subscribe to another car team list
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> Stan
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