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This is a commonly known scam.

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It's me Mark. I really don't mean to inconvenience you right now, I made a
trip to Netherlands, and I was robbed. This sounds a little odd, also just
hearing from me like this, but it all happened real fast. I just got a new
passport with the assistance from the embassy, but I'm short of funds to pay
for my ticket and other expenses. Please, can you lend me some funds to get a
ticket? I'll be willing to pay back as soon as we return.

Please respond as soon as you get this message, so I can forward you my
details to send the funds to me, OR you can contact me via the hotel's desk
phone if you can. The numbers are, 01161 7 5641 0540. I have an I.D to pick
the money up, if sent via western union.

Looking forward to your response
Mark Creek

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