[Gta] Today in the GTA

Ashford Little ralittle2 at mac.com
Sat Jun 10 14:34:30 MDT 2017

Well, Ibve got to start with an apology.  The GTA was split between the
North and South (Georgia) for events today, but I should have sent out a
reminder night.  The British Car Show for Cancer Awareness in Warner Robins
was quite a good time.  Ibve heard from the northside gang that things went
well too.  So what did the rest of you do today?  Cbmon folks, driving your
TR is fun, except for maybe that period when I was stuck on the
bConnector.b  But, I got to see some excellent cars today and had a good
time.  Thatbs what itbs all about.

Ashford Little
ralittle2 at mac.com

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