[Gta] GTA Meeting tonight

Ashford Little ralittle2 at mac.com
Tue Jun 20 08:56:15 MDT 2017

Yep, itbs that time again, and this monthbs meeting is in Vinings at
Keeganbs Pub.  Keegans is located at:  4687 S Atlanta Rd SE #224, Smyrna, GA


So come one, come all to discuss whatbs been going on, what will be going
on, or what youbd like to see going on.  Yep, we value your input.

Also, how many of you are http://www.6-pack.org <http://www.6-pack.org/>
members?  Whatbs that you say?  Itbs a club geared specifically towards
TR250 & TR6 owners.  No, we donbt exclude anyone.  Hell, therebs even
rumor of a Prius owner who may live in the Cincinnati area.  His name is
##$@#$, and he lives at #$@@#$@#$ Drive and his cell phone number is @#$
@#$@#$ @#$@#$.  But anyway, Ibd be glad to share my experience with the
6-Pack and answer any questions.  Oh, and also we are launching a 6-Pack club
promo soon, but you can take advantage of it tonight ahead of time if you show
up.  But wait therebs more!  One lucky person will walk away with a one
yearbs membership to the 6-Pack.

What other exciting things are going on?  Well there is a group of Triumph
owners from Atlanta and other places headed to Europe in September to drive
Triumphs in the Ten Countries Run.  Joe Earnest is the leader of this motley
group, and he should be here to tell you about it, but tonight is his Zumba
class so he canbt make it.  You go Joe!

We are looking forward to many great adventures across the pond some of which
might look like this shot from the last trip.

While others might look like this:

Hope to see you there.

Ashford Little
ralittle2 at mac.com

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