[JONAT-chat] Indiana, Michigan, Ontario

Bob engl@accesscomm.ca
Sun, 25 Jan 2004 21:08:08 -0600

Hi Bob

I've asked Phil if he could stay on at least to get someone to replace him.
If Phil was agreeable to this, I see no problem with changing the handoff
location ... let me know and I'll update the maps on the website ...

Bob England
'69 E-Type & '72 XJ6
Jaguar Owner's North American Tour (JONAT)
Route Coordinator

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    I've agreed to lead the tour through Michigan and had talked to the
Indiana tour leader, Phil Wert, about changing the hand off point to further
west then the purposed route. Phil was agreeable to this but has since been
notified of a family event on the same date that forced him to resign. I
need to know and contact the person/people in Indiana that will hand off to
Michigan and the person/people in Ontario that we will hand off to.
                    Bob Stevenson    Jag of Mich,