[Kcup] Passes at Laguna Seca?

N197TR4 at cs.com N197TR4 at cs.com
Mon May 16 11:37:07 MDT 2011

Joe, We have not talked about passes to get Jean and I into the track and 
pits area.  Has this been handled?  It is starting to get close, so we should 
get organized. Looking forward to seeing you and Jan again.


Happy belated birthday.....

I have not been able to get a definitive handle on what the program is. 
HMSA is a totally different sanctioning body that we have worked with in the 

I am sure there will be a gate fee by the track management.

If you pay at the gate and I am not there, I will reimburse you.

I am not aware of any specific social plans, but I suspect that there will 
be some things that occur with spontaneity. 

Are you staying at the Embassy Suites?

This should be a far more relaxed event than in the past, so it should be 
extremely enjoyable. I am sure that Mordy will be looking forward to 
discussing your past history with Mike Rothschild.

The last I knew, Jean was not coming. This must have changed. It is 
wonderful that you and Jean are taking the time to fly in to be with us.

I assume you are bringing the TRIUMPH FACTORY RACING TEAM Power Point 
Presentation, in the event it can be scheduled.  

Best Regards,

Joe Alexander



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