[Kcup] Name tags for Laguna Seca

N197TR4 at cs.com N197TR4 at cs.com
Fri May 27 14:22:07 MDT 2011


At both Watkins Glen and at Topeka I wished that I knew who different 
people were.  I knew the names from reading the FOT chat line, but that does not 
help me identify them at the track, and some of the guys I would like to say 
hello to and talk about common items of interest.   Any thought of doing 
something along the line of name tags?

Bob Johns



I think this is a good idea. Especially since we will be there for such a 
short time.

It looks like entries are materializing nicely, and we have some 
distinquished guests, such as yourself.

Jan & I are in the final boarding process for driving to 
California.....leaving early Saturday morning. I am flying my sons in next Monday and we will 
be at the track when the gate opens.

The KCUP Committee will want to know about the name tags. I am copying them.

Mordy is looking forward to seeing you. We really appreciate you taking the 
time to fly in to join us.

Best Regards,




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