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I saw this car in the paddock at Beaver Run last year at the PVGP. It's a beauty. His wife told me the story of the car. 

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> Subject: [Kcup] TRIUMPH TR8 HISTORY 
> This is another example of the TRIUMPHS that will be joining us at KCUP 2013. 
> It will also be submitted for consideration for THE GATHERING ON THE GREEN 
> Still waiting for words from VSCDA on business issues.....this impacts 
> our planning substantially. But I am optimistic about all outcomes. 
> \ 
> Joe, 
> Here is one article from the Grassroots magazine Canada and i will 
> provide you with more information about my car in the next few weeks. I 
> was Sponsored by JRT.Canada and the Car was build with the assistance 
> from Group 44. We received the Car and many parts as a sponsorship from 
> JRT Canada in 1979 In November 1979 we Visited Group 44 in Virginia, 
> the arrangements were done by JRT.Canada and JRT.Usa. We spend two days 
> at there Shop the get the information and Parts to Build the Car in 
> Canada. (See attached file: feb_canadianedition_12_13.pdf) cheers,peter 
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