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Joe Alexander n197tr4 at cs.com
Wed Feb 6 12:23:56 MST 2013

Still no response from VSCDA on planning issues. Jan and I will be on an island in the Pacific, in the next week, so I hope it is soon.

I have been discussing with Dave Young...TECH INSPECTION...about Tech in the FOT PADDOCK on Thursday afternoon and evening. This can be a very efficient method.....and will require some volunteers. 

I visited with a restaurant in Elkhart Lake that will deliver PIZZAs and Broasted Chicken to the Gate. This could be an option for the FOT so we can remain together as a group on Thursday evening. If we have the proposed hospitality tent we can gather there. There are other options, too.


There has been an invitation to Dave Massey to bring his Bagpipes and Kilts and he has accepted this invitation. I am sure this will have a mixed reception, but earplugs are readily available.

There has been an invitation extended to the editor of TRIUMPH WORLD to join us. He has accepted if he is able to arrange his schedule during that period.

Mike Cook is going to make a decision between joining us at KCUP 2013 and the VTR Convention. Hope he makes it to Elkhart. Mike is also looking for information for the VTR magazine, but it is dependent on VSCDA....such as the TRIUMPH PACKAGE DEAL.    Actually, we have quite a following and can expect to have a lot of company, if we get the word out. 

More later....much more.

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