Marauder Belt Drive

Wed, 4 Aug 2004 10:22:14 -0700 (PDT)

I am MIG #2313 and I recently purchased and installed the Belt Drive Kit on my 2001 Marauder.  Many MIG's saw and test rode my bike at out annual Asheville Rally.  Many were curious about the belt drive.  The comments I got back were all positive.  Some absolutely loved hitting 60mph in third gear.
Now that I have 1000 miles on the belt drive, I wanted to give you my feedback and impressions.  First, I was one of three Marauders in Asheville with the belt drive.  The other two have experienced numerous rubbing problems with the installation.  I had looked at both of those bikes with the owners. One was the swing arm cover rubbing on the front pulley.  The other was a serious misalignment of the rear wheel.  This bike was rubbing the tire on the left side.  I cannot be sure that the belt drive caused this problem, as it is a direct replacement for the chain and sprockets, but it didn't rub before.  I have also observed that my rear wheel is not centered under the license plate.  I have observed this on other Marauders with chains too though.
In my opinion, the 2.22:1 final drive ratio is too high.  The bike has very little acceleration from a stop, particularly an uphill stop.  It requires a lot of clutch slippage to get it rolling.  It also requires that the rider stay in a lower gear much longer.  There is also significant engine lugging when there is insufficient speed for a given gear.
I am not trying to paint a negative picture of your product, it is my goal to give you constructive criticism, for you to make a better product.  I would be very willing to test a belt with a lower final drive ration for you, as I am very pleased with the belt drive except for the final drive ratio.  It is much quieter and requires far less maintenance.  I also scored 160 miles out of a tank before hitting reserve, which is unheard of for a Marauder.
Other concerns that have been cited by MIG members are the tightness of the belt and the stress that the tightness places on the transmission shaft and bearings.
I have cc'd my group on this, and hope that your response will also be copied to them, as I am sure many of them are interested in your product as I was.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  It is my goal to share these experiences with the group so that they will be well informed, and so that you will have the opportunity to address these issues.
Thank you for time.
Rob Gianazza
a.k.a. Jacuzzi #2313
cc: Marauder-Intruder Group