Mid summer ride

JIMME52@aol.com JIMME52@aol.com
Sat, 21 Aug 2004 15:48:24 EDT

All that could have but didn't........
       Met Eric at the Far Hils train  station.  Sky was cloudy but air was 
perfect for a ride.  With just  the two of us riding Eric user his "zen" to 
lead the way.  After covering  most of the roads of north central west NJ we 
headed out into Pa.  After  about 100+ smiles we pulled of for lunch break.  The 
way of the road was  with us. While eating a thunder storm crashed overhead.  
After eating and  donning our wet weather gear we started back towards home.  
It rained most  of the way but no heavy downpoors. The ride was about 160 
smiles for me and had  a great time with Eric leading the way.  Next ride all yous 
wimpes better  make it out and go for the trip.  Eric mentioned about the fall 
ride.   Start planning for the last of the season.  looking to see all those 
I know  and a few new MIGS on that trip.  

Jim  A
alias "Gimp knee"
"86" 900 NINJA