Marauder Information

clarence daggett
Thu, 02 Dec 2004 10:35:52 -0600

I just wanted to thank all of the members that post on here. A couple of 
months ago I bought a 2002 Marauder 800 with only 760 miles on it. It is 
black with the yellow name on the tank which means it is not as fast as the 
blue ones!. Anyway after I bought it I wanted to find out more about the 
bike and stated searching online. that's when I found the MIGcruisers. I did 
not join until a couple of days ago but I read the forum and picked up 
advice, tips and other valuble information. I have done a complete 
Bafflectomy and I really like the deep sound. I started with the hole 
drilling and it just did not sound right. I also followed the directions to 
remove the seals on the carb adjustment and I set the screws back 21/2. I 
have also disconnected the Pair valve and plugged the lines, perhaps some 
day I will remove it. Someone said the sound was like a chevy truck and you 
know- it is deep like that! I just want to thank everyone on here for the 
advice and info.
Later   Clancy