New to the list

Barry Dreyer
Thu, 3 Jun 2004 20:33:59 +0200

Hi. I am new to this mailing list. A few years ago I found migcruisers on the
web and recall being able to see hundreds of pictures of members Marauders. I
was intrigued by the things people have done with their cruisers, but never
got to do anything to mine. I figured that dead standard, my bike was just
great. Four weeks ago I was in the middle of a five car pile-up. I had the
choice of being hit from behind or hitting the car in front of me; I went for
the latter which seems to be the best choice at the time as my bike came off
better than me. I fractured a few ribs, bruised my left leg and had a headache
for two weeks. My Marauder suffered a smashed headlight and speedo, a broken
front mudguard and a dent in the tank caused by the bike falling on my foot.
Now I have the opportunity not only to fix the bike, but to make a few changes
here and there. I was hoping to find the website that I saw a few years ago to
get some ideas, but my search has turned out blank. Can anyone point me in the
right direction?