MIG Northeast Spring Ride - POSTPONED

Eric Boehm ejboehm@optonline.net
Sun, 02 May 2004 00:09:43 -0400


Every source I've checked tonight points to a high likelyhood of showers
much of tomorrow, and thunderstorms in the afternoon.  I've decided to
postpone the ride for 2 weeks, to our rain date on Sunday, May 16.

I hope many of you can make the May 16 date.  And, I hope the weather will
look better.

Being the eternal optimist, postponing this ride that I've been planning for
months really sucks, but it's the right thing to do.  Mainly, I don't want
anybody to get hurt.  Also, there's the fact that if the weather is lousy,
many of you won't show up, and those that do may not enjoy the ride as much.
Since these rides that I do are not just for me (although I really enjoy
them too), I have to think of what's best for the group.  So, I think it's
better all the way around if we roll the dice again for another day.

If I wake up and the weather looks decent, I may just ride down to the
station and take a nice little cruise.  If anyone local would like to come
along, I'll be there by about 9:30 if I'm going.  If you don't see me by
then, find your own nice little ride! ;-)

See y'all in two weeks!

    Eric 379