350 mile day!

Craig Goldstein Craigmri@earthlink.net
Sun, 2 May 2004 07:09:34 -0400



Yesterday I rode the new(errr.used) SV1000S across the state to Palm Coast
for final services for my buddy Don.  He was cremated and his remains were
placed in a mausoleum along side his late Wife's.


Dozens of Don's riding buddies all met at the Iron Horse Saloon.  We spent
an hour or so socializing and remembering our good friend.  From there we
left to head north to the church in Palm Coast.  During the ride up Don's
friend George(riding a big dresser harley) pulled along side of me and rode
side by side with me for about 10 minutes.  Initially I thought."We really
should be riding staggard" but when I glanced over at Georges bike I
discovered he was carrying Don's Urn.  It was at this point I became a
little emotional considering that this was the last time I will ever get to
ride with Don.  I really felt his presence.  The service was heartwarming
and I got to say hello and goodbye to so many of Don's friends who I rarely
got to know very well.  BTW, I thanked George for what he had done for me.


The ride to and fro was great!  They called for afternoon thunderstorms and
I was convinced that I would encounter them on my return trip however I
believe Don negotiated with the rain gods to get me home safe and Dry  ;-)
The SV1000S is a totally unique ride.  The ergo's are very aggressive and
after 350 miles I really felt it.  This bike needs a throttle lock so I can
rest my throttle hand.  The fuel injected 1000 cc V-Twin pumps out about 110
hp yet still averaged 48 MPG on yesterdays ride.  The Bike handles and
brakes as well as my F4i did and sounds like a Ducati.  Oh..Its metallic
Silver.  I call my SV1000S  "Silver Thunder".


I've ridden a lot of bikes over the last 7 years.  One favorite was the
Aprilia Falco.  It too is a 1000cc V-twin half faired bike.  The Sv1000S is
so similar to the falco only half the price and easier to maintain.  The
SV650's are selling like hot cakes wereas the SV1000 is selling slow.  Turns
out people who want a sportbike are going for the Inline 4's opposed to the
big Twin's.  This factor enabled me to score a low mile(1500 miles) SV1000S
for under $6000 and get to enjoy a bike that not everyone else on the road
rides.  As good as this bike sounds now I will soon be adding two
aftermarket Mufflers to unleash the beast in it.  My neighbor has the
TL-R(similar bike only fully faired) with Yoshimura canisters and it rocks
the neighborhood.  Mine will be from Two Brothers Racing.


Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Stay safe, love your family and hold
your friends dear.  This shit is all temporary so savor every moment.



MIG #2